1. Chemical Product Transportation

Specialized in providing bulk chemical product transportation services by tanker trucks. Transportation of dangerous cargo by tanker trucks customized to carry various liquids and ADR cargo. Global Tank Tainer offers the transportation services of various flammable liquids, oxygenated goods, organic peroxides, toxic and corrosive material and various other dangerous products.

2. Oil Product Transportation

Special purpose tanker trucks which are built to carry petroleum, diesel, jet fuel and other oil products, are used for the oil product transportation. Car and tank truck parkland meets all the technical requirements for the transportation of dangerous cargo.

3. Food Transportation

We transport bulk liquid food products by tank trucks in Lithuania, the European Union, Russia, Belarus

4. Gas Transportation

We transport the cargo in entire region of European Union, Russia and Belarus

5. Freight Forwarding

We offer the services of liquid cargo freight forwarding. If you work with exceptionally big companies and have to process big orders or fulfil the obligations to the clients, we can offer the transport of our trusted partner